Model No.: P-D6
Price: HK$698
  • Matte

Brand Name: Pittm

- Automatic intelligent induction air quality purifier

- LED digital display PM2.5 air detection index

- 3-color clean air indicator light (blue light 0-75 - high quality air ; green light 76-150 - medium air ; orange light above 150 - poor air ; * Auto mode, automatically strengthen the wind purification intensity according to the air quality)

- Adopt double motors and double purification fans to create a strong airflow, absorb all kinds of allergens and harmful fine dust, and quickly inject fresh air into the environment after filtration.

- HEPA H13 square filter element, two-layer filtration, up to 99.97% filtration efficiency.
The first layer , filtering hair, large particles.
The second layer filters bacteria, viruses (0.3 microns or more), PM2.5, tobacco smell, mites, pollen / mold, dust, and other allergens.
- Obtained an experimental certificate from the authoritative microbiological analysis and testing center, for particles above 0.3um, value of clean air CADR around (10.3m3/h)

- Four air volume modes (Level 1 / Level 2 / Level 3 / Auto) for your choice, giving you a low noise and clean environment.

- The filter replacement prompt, the letter "Red filter" in the display.

- One-touch design, easy to control.

- Strict safety test, passed CE certification.

Air Purifier   
Input  5V~1A(Max.)
Power  5W


Gmicro Testing Report